Welcome #2

Welcome to the thescienceoflanguage.com blog.

(Steve wrote the first welcome: Kyle and I are writing this second welcome.)

Steve Piantadosi (University of Rochester, Brain & Cognitive Sciences), Kyle Mahowald (MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences), Ev Fedorenko (Mass General Hospital) and I (Ted Gibson, MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences) recently decided that the internet could use a cross-disciplinary forum / blog for people that are interested in the science of language: the structure of human language; how human language is acquired; how human language is processed; how human language evolves. The goal of the blog will be to address questions in the science of language using methods from psychology, computation, neuroscience, and linguistics.

Among the 30 most cited scholars on Google Scholar who list “language” as a research interest are researchers in the following departments:

Computer Science
Evolutionary Biology
Cognitive Science
Behavioral Science

That is to say: people interested in the science of language do not all live under the same roof. We hope that this blog can be something like that roof–or at least a┬átent–under which people interested in the language sciences can gather, share idea, and have discussions.

The goal is to have posts every week or two with interesting content about topics in the language sciences. The tone will generally be informal, the methods generally formal.

Several labs in these fields have interesting lab blogs, but for the most part it is hard for any one lab to post regularly enough to attract a regular readership. We hope that the roster of those who contribute to this blog will come from many labs and keep us updated on all sorts of goings-on in the language sciences. If you’re interested in contributing, just get in touch.

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